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With thousands of mobile device game Apps competing for the ever-growing and impressionable youth market, the Addalets team recognizes that only a handful of them have embraced the responsibility of challenging these young minds to improve their spelling skills while advancing their vocabulary. We developed the Elementary Pack to stimulate the minds of its players as it advances their grasp of the English language in a simple and enjoyable format.

All of the Theme Words and many of the Puzzle Words in this first Elementary Pack were selected from a list that accounts for 80 percent of the words that primary age students (1st – 5th graders) use in their writing. The list was compiled to assist educators and parents to identify which spelling words should be taught to children because of their high frequency of use. Mastery of this relatively small group yields a high rate of return. Learning the core group of spelling words is paramount to a child’s successful future as it lays the foundation that is needed throughout their education and life.

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