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The Court Time puzzle pack is dedicated to collegiate athletes and universities that have made significant impacts during their regular seasons and the NCAA Tournament held every March. When a puzzle is solved in this pack, a description of the Theme Word will appear for additional insight and appreciation of the athlete or team.

In 1891, at the age of 30, physical education teacher James Naismith was tasked by the director of the YMCA, where he worked, to come up with an indoor game for the members that would serve as an ‘athletic distraction’ to the harsh Springfield, Massachusetts winters. Little did he know, the game that he would invent and name ‘Basketball’, would emerge as one of the most popular games in the world. Many colleges quickly formed teams to compete against each other and with each successive year came improved skills and enhanced strategies. Eventually, schedules and conferences were formed and the NIT and NCAA began conducting national tournaments. The Court Time puzzle pack is dedicated to furthering the knowledge of the athletes and programs that have made their historic mark on college basketball.

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