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Here are a few reviews from Alpha Digits, Apps & Applications and Appreviews Live.

Addalets – Word Puzzle to Stretch and Strengthen Your Mind

There’s no doubt that a strong command of any language you communicate in is a strength that cannot be measured. If you know the right words to use for any purpose, your purpose is well understood and you get results. You also get your point across better. You connect better. For those of us who use the English language extensively, we know all too well how social media is slowly destroying it, with users typing in words using spelling that does not even exist, just to type faster and use less characters. It’s no wonder that we’ve lost the ability to communicate clearly.

Addalets – Fun with Letters and Words

Words can be tricky. We use a common set on a daily basis, but in order to really get a point across, sometimes you have to know just the right word to use. A good vocabulary is key to being a great communicator. You don’t need a degree in English to have good communication skills, but you do have to work at it. If you can do that in a game, what more could you ask for!

Addalets – Build a Strong Vocabulary through Game Play

If you love word games, then have I got a great one for you to try. Similar to so many others where you build words from a collection of letters, this one takes a new approach to creating the words.

The name of the game is Addalets and it presents players with a list of words we all know, or are fairly recognizable. Then, it also provides a theme word at the bottom. The theme word will have as many characters as there are words in your working word list. Your goal is to take each letter from the theme word and place it in one of the listed words to create a new legitimate word. No made up words are allowed.

The aim of the game is to tap and drag a letter from the theme word into its destination word, either at the front or anywhere in between, but never at the end. If it’s a real word, the letter will stay and turn green. If it’s not a word, the letter will turn red and will return itself to its original place.

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