Stimulate that space between your ears and grow your vocabulary to epic proportions with Addalets, the new word game that challenges your spelling and problem-solving skills.

The object is simple: add letters from the theme word to puzzle words that – voila – create new words. Score big and impress your friends…and yourself. But watch that timer, because it’s ticking on every new puzzle.

Addalets is intuitive and diverse, with thousands of words to educate and entertain anyone from grade schoolers to post college gamers.


Available NOW!

“Addalets,” now available free on iTunes for the iPad and
iPhone 4 or higher.

Entering a promo code

To enter a promo code for specialty puzzle packs or customized puzzle packs, select the Tab on the Game Screen……..touch the Gear located on the right hand side of the tab bar… At the top of the menu is a ‘field to type’ marked Promo Code. Simply touch the field and your keypad will pop up. Type in the Promo Code of the puzzle pack that you’d like to add, and touch ‘Apply’. A new puzzle pack will be downloaded to the App.